Privacy Statement

When you use MIKELO Web Services some information may be collected about you. Some of this information is collected automatically as you use the services and some will be provided by you as you respond to questions or make comments or requests. We’d like to make it clear just how that information may be used and to give you confidence that we will treat your use of MIKELO Web Services with respect.

  1. Web Server Logs Every time you look at or use MIKELO Web Services, a record of each page or image viewed or file downloaded is made automatically by the Web server. Information logged includes the machine IP Address used to access the site element, date and time of access, the name and size of files served, the type of web browser used and any errors which occurred. Used in aggregate, these records help us to determine the sorts of services and information our visitors use the most and help us fine tune the site for you. No attempt is made to identify individual users or their particular usage patterns and no server log will ever be made available by us to any third party, except where required by law enforcement officials in the execution of a valid search warrant.
  2. Cookies A ‚cookie‘ is a snippet of information stored on your computer by a web server via your web browser, to be retrieved by the web server at a later time. Occasionally the MIKELO server(s) may use cookies to facilitate more effective and safe online services for you. Such cookies will never contain any personal information and will only be linked back to MIKELO services. You can configure your web browser to reject requests made to use cookies, or to alert you each time a request is made by a web server to store a cookie.
  3. Online Surveys Your responses to any MIKELO survey will never be publicly displayed in a way that identifies individual users. If the survey results are to be shared with any third party, this will be made clear to you at the time of the survey.
  4. Personal Information We will make every effort to ensure that any personal information provided by you is treated in the strictest confidence. No contact information you provide to us will be shared with any third party without your consent, except where required by law enforcement officials in the execution of a valid search warrant.